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Important Notice :-

  • Badminton Coaching for Children (for Saturdays & Sundays only)

    New Batches are Commencing from 1st January 2017,
    Timings: 1.00 PM to 2.30 PM & 2.30 PM to 4.00 PM
    Fees (For 3 Months)
    Rs.4500 per Member
    Rs.7500 per Guest

  • Badminton Training for Ladies (M W F)

    New batches are commencing from 3rd Oct,
    10 AM to 11 AM & 11 AM to 12 NOON
    Fees ( for Oct - Nov - Dec )
    Rs.4500 Member/Spouse
    Rs.7500 Guests

    *Those interested are requested to enroll with Badminton Markers
    *Please forward all the messages from PJHG to your spouse for their knowledge

  • PJHG has been rightly called 'The Nursery of Indian Badminton'.

    Numerous star players were nurtured at PJHG during their formative years and many graced our courts even at the peak of their career.

    Following is the list of Badminton stars that preferred the PJHG Badminton courts as the field for their endeavor in achieving excellence.

    Nandu Natekar: Won over 100�national and international titles for India in a career spanning 15 years. Natekar was the first Indian to win a title abroad, in 1956. He won the Men's Doubles�National Championship�a total of 6 times,�Men's Singles National Championship a total of 6 times,�and Mixed Doubles National Championship a total of 5 times.

    Leroy D�sa: 7 times National Doubles Champion. Leroy D�sa represented India in three Asian Games and won two Bronze Medals.

    Sanath Mishra: Partnering Leroy D�sa, Sanath Mishra won 3 National Doubles Championship and Asian Bronze. Partnering Madhumita, he won 4 National Mixed Doubles Championship.

    Ami Ghia: 7 times National Singles Champion, 12 times National Doubles Champion and 4 times National Mixed-Doubles winner.

    Iqbal Maindargi: Maharashra champion, Iqbal was ranked No. 2 after Prakash Padukone from 1975 to 1977.

    Gautam Thakkar: Asian Junior Champion and 6 times Maharashtra Champion.

    Pradeep Gandhe: Two bronze medals in 1982 Asian Games (each in doubles and team event). A silver in men�s doubles and a bronze in Singles in Austrian Open in 1983. Twice National Mens Doubles Champion.Thrice National Mixed Doubles Champion.

    Uday Pawar: Indian No.2 and 3 times Doubles National Champion.

    Sanjay Sharma: National Chamipin Doubles.

    Hufrish Nariman: India No.2 Radhika Bose: National Champion, once in singles and twice in doubles.

    Rajeev Bagga: 2 times National Champion, he has won 12 gold medals and has been singles champion at the�Deaflympics�from 1989 to 2001, and was named 'Deaflympian of the Century' by the International Committee of Deaf Sports in 2001. He also won the 2008 All-England veteran men's singles (over 40).

    Bhushan Akut:
    National Doubles Champion.

    Vincent Lobo: 2 times National Doubles Champion.

    Mangirish Palekar
    1. Former International, represented India in the Asian Championships at Bangkok 1998
    2. Represented Indian Railways for 12 consecutive years. Won 2 Gold & 3 Silver medals. Won 2 Gold medals at the World Railway Games.
    3. Captain of Maharashtra team in the year 2007. Won 2 bronze & 1 Silver at the National Games.
    4. Currently the Chief Coach & Founder Director of Shuttle Craze Academy which operates in Mumbai, Pune & Nasik!

    Vikrant Patwardhan: Shiv Chatrapati Awardee. Played for India in Senior World Championships at Glasgow, Gold medal in SAARC Championships Sri Lanka, Junior world championships in Jakarta, world grand prix Indian open, Asia Cup Jakarta, U 22 doubles national champion.

    Anil Nair: National champion mixed doubles.

    Sandeep Dhillon: Won Gold Medal in Doubles and Silver Medal in Singles at the�Deaflympics.

    Panna Kapadia: Won Gold Medal in Mixed Doubles at the�Deaflympics.

    Sureshchand Shekhri
    Parimal Trivedi
    Vikram Bhat
    Vasant Kalambi
    Ramesh Chadha
    Arun Ginde
    Kulin Manek
    Anant Ullal
    Bala Ullal
    Ajay Thakor
    Sunil Vakil
    Sunder Shetty
    Anil Pradhan
    Kiran Kaushik
    K K Cheema
    Ravi Kunte
    Milind Ghate
    Pradeep Iyanger
    Amita �Kulkarni
    Sujata Jain
    Madhur Bezbora
    Amod Tilak
    Amol Shah

    At Present we have 2 World Class Badminton Courts


    6.00 A.M. TO 12.00 NOON
    4.00 P.M. TO 9.30 P.M.

    6.00 A.M. TO 1.00 P.M.
    4.00 P.M. TO 9.00 P.M.


    We have initiated Multiple Coaching Schemes targeted towards popularizing our beloved sport for Children�and Women learning under our experienced Markers.

    For Advanced and Competing Players we have coaching camp under the tutelage of the legendary Mr. Leroy D�sa.

    We have a special recent addition of Sunday Coaching Academy for Children under the tutelage of Mr. Sanket Shetty.

    Timing for on-going coaching:

    Women Coaching - 10 A.M. TO 12 Noon (Monday - Saturday)
    Advanced Coaching - 2 P.M. TO 6 P.M. (Monday - Saturday)
    Coaching for children - 1 P.M. TO 2.30 P.M. & 2.30 P.M. TO 4.00 P.M. ( Sunday )


    • Badminton Fees (Member) - Rs.300/- per month
    • Badminton Fees (Spouse) - Rs.450/- per month
    • Badminton Fees (Member Child) - Rs.1800/- for 3 month
    • Badminton Fees (Non Member) - Rs.170/- per Hours
    • Badminton Court Reservation Fees - Rs.236/- per Hour

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