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Tennis continues to be a very popular sports in our Gymkhana. Like every year, many new members and their children have started playing tennis.

Tennis, like Cricket, has its own history and has played a major part towards the growth and development of this Gymkhana during the last 100 years. Tennis was first introduced in the Gymkhana in the year 1894. In the beginning there were only two courts, but later on, as these found to be insufficient two more courts were laid on in the year 1896, with the generous contribution of Mr. Tribhovandas Mangaldas Nathubhai. As the years gone by the interest of the members in this game also increased tremendously. In the years 1911 and 1912, two additional courts were added to the already existing courts to meet the increase in Tennis enthusiasts.

With a view to improve the game of tennis, the Gymkhana used to arrange matches with other Institutions on the model of weekend cricket matches, and when the sixth court was added to the Gymkhana these fixtures became very popular and all the Gymkhana in Bombay reciprocated by arranging similar matches.

The year 1924 opens a new page in the history of our institution in that, our Gymkhana had the unique honour of starting an Open Tennis Tournament called the “Bombay Presidency Hard Court Tennis Championships”. In the year 1937, the Gymkhana had the honour of the Bombay Presidency Hard Court Tennis Championships being recognized as the major and a ranking tournament of india by All India Lawn Tennis Association.

New Tennis Coaching Program :

Gymkhana has introduced new coaching program in association with ‘Touch Tennis Academy’ mentored by Alon Moses and Sagrika Phadke. Members, Spouses, their children and even guests are welcome to avail this top class coaching program.

At Present we have 2 Functional World Class Floodlit Tennis Courts


6.30 A.M. TO 10.00 A.M.
5.00 P.M. TO 9.00 P.M.

Sunday's and Holidays
6.30 A.M. TO 10.30 A.M.
5.30 PM TO 9.00 PM


  • Tennis Fees (Member) - Rs.340/- per month
  • Tennis Fees (Spouse) - Rs.510/- per month
  • Tennis Fees (Member Child) - Rs.2040/- for 3 Months
  • Tennis Fees (Non Member) - Rs.170/- per Day
  • Tennis Courts Reservation Fees - Rs.236/- per Hour

Hon. Tennis Secretary

Mr. Amit H. Shroff

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